Character Names for Specific Ages: Provides character names from the 1800's to the 1990's - great for period pieces
Poets&Writers Online: Great Magazine and Website - Provides guides to publishing
Storybuilder: This is a unique concept and great way to break Writer's Block
What's the Meaning of This?: Provides interesting takes on "Ye Olde English Sayings" and "Amerispeak"
Writer's Consortium: Wonder what goes into writing a screenplay? Here's a 13-point guide.
Sound Portraits: "THE SUNSHINE HOTEL" is among the best - read the transcript for details on the characters of a flophouse in NY's Bowery District. Click on projects, past programs, The Sunshine Hotel Transcript
Albert Einstein Online: Recognize the picture above? Einstein is our interesting character of the week!
B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper: This 11 year old has put together a phenomenal site - he's right, if you can't find it here, you aren't looking!
Biotech's Life Science Dictionary: Writing something about Plants, Animals, or Reptiles? Find out more here.
Writer Net Directory of Literary Agents: Looking for an Agent? Don't know who you can trust? Start here - listing restricted to Literary agents who do NOT charge reading fees ----DISCLAIMER - While Writers.Net limits their database to only Agents who do not charge, any agent can submit their name to the database. In looking at the database, many, in fact, do. The Web Manager has been made aware of this situation, but has not yet removed the offending agents. So...here, the watchword is Caveat Emptor - Let the 'browser' beware.
The Original Wacky Writer's World>: Click here to take a look at the original Wacky Writer's Page and Links from the first week!

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