WACKY WRITER'S LINKS FOR THE WEEK (Updated December 17, 1998)

Wacky Writer's Links from Week ending 11/29/1998

Wacky Writer's Links from Week ending 11/06/1998

The ORIGINAL web page for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD: Includes the underlying philosophy for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD as well as links of interest.

Zeno's Forensic Page: Are you writing a murder mystery? A suspense novel? Get technical information on Forensic Science, Forensic Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry (YIPPEE), and Forensic Literature

The Oyez Project of Northwestern University: Excellent site - find out about U.S. Supreme Court cases, what's on the docket, and what's around the corner.

Writer's Guidelines Database: Beautifully organized database of writer's guidelines, sorted by category. A valuable resource for markets.

misc.writing Recommended Reading List: From the misc.writing newsgroup, a marvelous list of books and other publications for professional and amateur writers - a must see!

Preditors & Editors: Yep - the spelling is intentional - take a look at this site for good information of use to writers - resource for locating reliable markets for submission of your work AS WELL AS a source for identifying those unsavory predators out there who are waiting to prey on a writer's ego and desire for publication. Good site!

University of Calgary's Multimedia History Tutorials: Need to research the History of Europe, Canadian History, or the Islamic World to 1600? This promising site offers this and much more - take a multimedia tour of this site!

AltaVista Translation: Because so many of you are visiting this page from outside the U.S., and many of my U.S. visitors go to sites originating from outside the U.S., you might be interested in the AltaVista Translation site - it offers translation for five different languages - French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English. I highly recommend using it to decipher those obscure phrases!

Article about the book "Love in the 90's" by Keri Pickett: No, it's not about our love lives in the 90's - it's about a nice elderly couple who were in their 90's at the time their granddaughter, Keri Pickett, a gifted photographer, assembled a collection of their love letters and photographed her grandparents. The article is good, but doesn't tell you where to get the book. I looked up the name Keri Pickett at amazon.com -- her book can be ordered from their site or others, I'm sure. Why am I so crazy about this book? My grandmother's name was Jo, the elderly lady reminds me of her. The photography evokes a tender and abiding love rarely seen on film. My husband knew I loved this book so much that he contacted Ms. Pickett to get a special edition for our wedding. That's the story behind the story. So take a look, willya?

Jewish Holiday: It's Chanukah, or is that Hanukkah, or is that Hanukah? Any way you spell it, it is the festival, or feast, of lights for Jews around the world. Each evening at sundown, from December 14 through 21, millions will light their menorahs, sing Maoz Tsur, exchange gifts, and remember the miracle of the oil. Take a look at the various customs and celebrations of Chanukah.

Roland Baric's Bookroom: Roland Baric, a Croatian writer and webmaster, has started a site for writers and other creative people. Available in many different languages, Roland's site offers a view of the future for his fellow Croatian writers - in a country of 5 million people, about two percent have access to the internet. Roland needs writers to submit poetry, letters, essays, or stories to post at his site. Visit his charming pages and drop him a line. Tell him Jo sent you.

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