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The first eight links (in italics) are to previous sites and collections of links presented at WACKY WRITER'S WORLD. The remaining links are to new sites. Some time in the next couple of months I will organize the links from previous weeks by category to make it easier for everyone. If you have suggestions as to what you would like to see in the way of categories, please just drop me a line! Thanks! Jo Loving Gann


Wacky Writer's Links from 1/10/1999
Wacky Writer's Links from 12/31/1998
Wacky Writer's Links from 12/17/1998
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Wacky Writer's Links from 11/06/1998

The ORIGINAL web page for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD: Includes the underlying philosophy for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD as well as links of interest.

Writer On Line: If you want a chuckle at the irony of writing and submitting work, only to be rejected and rejected again, read my "Hamlet's Soliloquy for Writers," featured in Writer On Line's "Web Lite" section. Let me know what you think! If you like it, let the editor, Terry Boothman, know! End of Shameless Plug.

Roland Baric's Bookroom: Roland Baric, a Croatian writer and webmaster, has started a site for writers and other creative people. Roland needs writers to submit poetry, letters, essays, or stories to post at his site. Visit his charming pages and drop him a line. Tell him Jo sent you. Be sure and check out Thea's latest poetry submission.



Famous Author Feature of the Week: Martha Gellhorn: Martha Gellhorn was an award-winning war correspondent and author. That she was Hemingway's third wife is only PART of the story. A very interesting woman, whose writing is characterized by tight, well-written prose and startling imagery. Visit this site to learn more.

Ask Jeeves: An intelligent search engine. Just ask Jeeves any question and it will search the web for answers. For instance, you could ask Jeeves: "Who won the world series in 1937?" He'll find the answer for you. You could also ask: "Who is the world's foremost authority on duck calls?" Jeeves will search and give you a multitude of options. Great for researching for your articles, research papers, or satisfying your curiosity.

The Purple Crayon: A Children's Book Editor's Site - A marvelous resource for children's writers, with articles, features, and other references.

DeadlineOnline: Are you up against a wall? Trying to meet a deadline, verify facts, find documents, get a backgrounder? Check out DeadlineOnline.com - a pretty good resource for writers.

Magazine Writers' Network: Dana Nourie's site for magazine writers offers links to various sites of interest.

Weirdness Web - I always include at least one slightly offbeat site to get your creative juices flowing. This one's for you.

The Costume Page - Okay, so you're working on a period piece. What did adults wear? How about kids? A wealthy matron? A peasant? Costumes through the ages is the theme of this site, which also includes detailed information on how costumes are constructed.

The Dutch Violin Page - Everything you wanted to know about violins but were afraid to ask. Details on great violinists, composition, and building violins and other string instruments. Fascinating site.

Soon's Historical Fiction Site - What do you want to know about Historical fiction? If it's not at this site, there's sure to be a link from here that will provide you the answers you need.

Documenting the American South - This site provides a history of the American South, including a library of southern literature, first-person and north american slave narratives, and more, from the beginnings of the South to 1920.

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