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The first nine links (in italics) are to previous sites and collections of links presented at WACKY WRITER'S WORLD. The remaining links are to new sites.

LINKS YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY SEEN - I'm keeping them for reference purposes:


Wacky Writer's Links from 2/28/1999
Wacky Writer's Links from 1/10/1999
Wacky Writer's Links from 12/31/1998
Wacky Writer's Links from 12/17/1998
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Wacky Writer's Links from 11/06/1998

The ORIGINAL web page for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD: Includes the underlying philosophy for WACKY WRITER'S WORLD as well as links of interest.

Writer On Line: If you want a chuckle at the irony of writing and submitting work, only to be rejected and rejected again, read my "Hamlet's Soliloquy for Writers," featured in Writer On Line's "Web Lite" section. Let me know what you think! If you like it, let the editor, Terry Boothman, know! End of Shameless Plug.

Roland Baric's Bookroom: Roland Baric, a Croatian writer and webmaster, has started a site for writers and other creative people. Roland needs writers to submit poetry, letters, essays, or stories to post at his site. Visit his charming pages and drop him a line. Tell him Jo sent you. Be sure and check out Thea's latest poetry submission.


NEW LINKS: (updated March 17)

Famous author feature of the week: James Joyce: In honor of St. Patrick's day, the James Joyce Centre, straight from Dublin. Take a tour and learn more about this fascinating writer.

37.com: In keeping with my usual practice to include good research sources, I've included this great search engine that came to me courtesy of Debbie in CW News- Thanks, Debbie.

National Endowment for the Arts: Writers and other creative artists should take a look at this site. Do you have a book project and wonder how you can get a grant to support it? Look at the guidelines for more information.

1001 links to Fiction Writing Articles on the Internet: This site provides 13 different categories of links for the fiction writer. It is fairly comprehensive, with topics ranging from copyright issues to selling screenplays. Take a look around.

The History Index: Everything you wanted to know about history, but were afraid to ask. Excellent resource for historical research. Includes diagrams, graphics, and detailed information.

COUNSEL QUEST : A great resource for all things legal. Learn about archaic laws, other legal research sources, and many other topics.

The Writer's Pocket Tax Guide: Darlene A. Cypser, an attorney, has put together an EXCELLENT tax guide for writers. Covers line-by-line instructions and addresses areas specifically applicable to writers. If you haven't yet finished your taxes - visit this site. Who knows? You might find a deduction to lessen your tax burden.

PBS Online: I love this site. From research to entertainment, the Public Broadcasting System Online web site provides something to interest everyone. This week, learn about "The Irish in America."

Playbill On-Line - Theatre Source for Broadway Theater Information: Want to know what's on Broadway? Read reviews? Find out which production is up for a Tony? Buy Tickets? This is a great site for all things Broadway.

Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones: Interesting site. Gives lessons in Mexican Spanish and includes links to other Spanish language resources.

Oddities Compiled: Visit this bi-monthly literary/arts site.

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