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Welcome to Jo's Wacky Writer's World.

I created this page to share links and tips related to writing - the craft of writing, the business of writing, and other topics of interest to writers and the writing process.

Each week, I'll have a new set of links for you to try. These links are not strictly writer's links because we are not strictly writers! We are people with other interests, and writers who occasionally have to be shocked or coaxed or inspired out of that dreaded term... :::Writer's Block:::::! At some point, I'll have some sort of search capability for the site, but right now, I'm working on becoming familiar with the BASICS of webpage development.

In addition to this page, I am offering "THE WACKY WRITER", a free, brief, and informative monthly newsletter which highlights a few writer's sites, gives a tip or two, and showcases short works of other writers. Occasionally, I will include an interview with an expert on a topic suggested by the subscribers. If you have an idea for writing topics and would like to hear from an expert, send me a note. I'll track down an expert, interview them based on your questions, and spotlight the topic interview in the newsletter.

If you are interested in receiving the free newsletter, please complete the form at the bottom of my website and you'll be added.

Terms and Conditions for submissions to THE WACKY WRITER:

You may submit a short piece of 500 words or less. Include it in the text of an email, not as an attachment. I'll consider it for inclusion in the newsletter. Any work of fiction or nonfiction within the word limit will be considered, but I will include only two of these submissions in each month's newsletter. Acceptable submission do not include erotica or excessive profanity (as determined subjectively by the editor.)

Any copyright of your submission remains with you, not with THE WACKY WRITER. The Newsletter is copyrighted as a whole work, but you retain your individual rights. You did the work, and you keep the rights.

If you want critiques or comments from others, just say so with your submission, and I'll include your email address. Eventually, the newsletter will be posted at this website each month. Until then, I'll email it to the subscribers. The newsletter is not a commercial entity and does not accept advertisements at this time. It is a free newsletter. As such, we do not pay contributors in cash. We do, however, send the author two copies of the print version of the newsletter as well as exposure to the subscriber base.

I have also established the Wacky Writer's Forum. This forum includes message boards and a chat room. The forum is a place to share what you've learned or post questions for others to address. Potential topics for discussion include submitting, getting rejected and accepted, working with editors, agents, and publishers. To go the forum, just click below.

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This Week's Wacky Writer's Links

Freelance Writing - Suite 101: Freelance Writing tips, opportunities, and techniques
U.S. Government Copyright Office: Copyright information - how to copyright, when to copyright, how long it lasts
Avalanche of Jobs for Writers: Opportunities for writers
The Writing Place - Northwestern University: Marvelous site for writers - loads of links about writing, the business, technical matters, and encouragement
Plumb Design Thesaurus: By far the most remarkable interactive thesaurus I've seen
For Writers Only: Comprehensive site for writers - markets, tips, conferences, etc.
The Rose & Thorn: Excellent resource for writers - Publishers, Literary Agents, Tools, Reference
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations: Searchable Online Database of the Venerable resource for quotes
FEDSTATS: One-stop Shopping for Government Statistics
Police and Detective Work: Mining Company - True Crime, True Cops, Crime Technology

Been to any good card sites lately? Here's one I like, largely due to its level of creativity and the quality of its writing. BMA Logo /Blue Mountain Arts Animated Greetings
FREE Animated Electronic Greeting Cards

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